Velena Wall Panels 96” Internal Corner – Satin Silver

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+ Internal corner trim made from highly durable aluminum with a stylish satin silver finish
+ Use to join Velena Wall Panels and waterproof with silicone caulk, no need for grout
+ 96” long and easy to trim down to size if needed


The Velena Wall Panels Internal Corner trim allows you to join multiple Velena Wall Panels together in a corner to prevent water ingress.

Made from durable aluminum with a satin silver finish, a watertight finish can be achieved by joining the panels using the Internal Corner and then sealing these with silicone caulk (available a la carte).

Product Specification:
+ Color/finish: Satin silver
+ Dimensions: 96” (long)
+ Made from durable aluminum
+ Square edges are easy to cut down to size if needed with standard power tools
+ Trims should be used to create subtle joins when installing multiple panels and for capping off the ends of panels to help prevent water ingress
+ Waterproof installation by carefully sealing trims with silicone caulk provided
+ No grout means panel surface and joins are incredibly easy to clean, especially for those with limited mobility or disabilities, with fewer dirt traps
+ Covered by AKW limited lifetime warranty
+ For more details, see Specification Sheet
+ Always review installation instructions before beginning your project


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