TrueBOARD Tileable Wall Kit

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+ Suitable for both solid and stud wall installations
+ Specifically designed for installation in level-access bathrooms for disabled people
+ Concrete coating adds strength and rigidity, creating a smooth and durable surface ideal for the application of tile adhesive and grout
+ Superior weight loading compared to other products, beneficial for the safe and secure installation of shower seats and grab bars
+ Waterproof when sealed, making it an ideal surface for decorative tile and necessary for the installation of mobility aids such as shower seats and grab bars
+ Construction and material prevent boards from warping or becoming deformed in the event of water ingress, unlike traditional substrates
+ Structure ensures tiles adhered to will not rot
+ You must use a suitable adhesive which must be fully cured and set before waterproofing or finishing with tile
+ Kit includes: 6 x TrueBOARD tileable boards, 90 screws, 90 washers
+ Materials: CFC-free, closed-cell core made from Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam, reinforced with fibreglass mesh on both sides and coated with a synthetic polymer resin and mortar
+ Board size: 5’ x 3’ x ½” approx. 120sq feet of coverage per kit)
+ Weight loading: Boards can support up to 132lbs; increase weight loading for the safe fitting of mobility aids by installing on supporting joists suitable for the product and user requirements
+ Lightweight, quick and easy to install
+ TrueBOARD installation kit also available, includes: 6 x Tank/10 Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

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Constructed from high quality, extruded polystyrene panels coated with cement, TrueBOARD tileable boards feature a non-itchy, fiber mesh on both sides, providing a superior waterproof surface to support ceramic wall tiles.

Unlike traditional substrates such as plywood or plasterboard which could be subject to movement due to changes in moisture, TrueBOARD will not warp or become deformed as it has been specially designed for installation in level-access bathrooms for people with disabilities.

TrueBOARD facilitates the easy mounting of mobility aids such as shower seats and grab bars, while ensuring that any water ingress from their fitting does not compromise the overall structure and maximises the lifespan of the products


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I lost the screws for my drain for tile. What sizes do I need?

All the screws that come with the drain for tile are stainless steel, and they are metric sizes and thread counts. These are available at many well-stocked hardware stores in their specialty fastener section (often you'll find an aisle with pull-out drawers, and inside the drawers are all kinds of unique fasteners). Here is the screw information:

1. For the four screws that fasten the adaptor to the foundation, you really can use flat head screws that fit, and they don't have to be metric. We recommend #6 or #8 x 3/4" long, flathead, wood threaded style screws in stainless steel or ceramic coated. Always drill pilot holes before driving these screws.

2. To secure the clamping ring, you'll need M4 x 0.7 x 16mm long stainless steel screws. These have to be metric and the proper size and threading to fit the threaded holes in the adaptor.

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