GRP TrueDEK Shower Bases: No Comparison

With decades of experience designing, testing, and selling curbless TrueDEK shower bases around the world – over 600,000 of the TrueDEK Classic alone! – we know a thing or two about zero-entry showering.

One of those things is that other polystyrene and cement-coated foam bases just don’t compare to our range of structural and strong GRP TrueDEK bases.

Why? Let us explain…

Made from lightweight yet strong compression molded glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)

TrueDEK Classic, Classic8, Ultimate Linear, and Linear Tub Replacement bases are made from compression molded glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for unparalleled durability and strength.
The waffle underside of the base ensures it’s lightweight, making installation even easier, yet tough enough to last a lifetime.

They’re structural and can be installed directly onto the joist

The hard-wearing structural materials used across our range of TrueDEK bases means they can safely be installed directly onto 16″ o.c. joists, reducing the time it takes to create a curbless shower.
Plus, additional blocking can help to increase the maximum capacity to up to 840lbs for our TrueDEK Classic, Classic8 and Ultimate Linear bases.

Lightweight and super thin! Between 7/8″ and 1″ thick!

As well as being made from lightweight materials that offer incredible strength and structural properties, TrueDEK bases are also super thin, measuring between 7/8″ and 1″ thick around the perimeter, ensuring the base matches up perfectly with the surrounding sub-floor for truly barrier-free threshold to the shower.

Install in just 1 hour with much less expensive structural prep!

TrueDEK Classic, Classic8 and Ultimate Linear bases are supplied with pre-drilled and countersunk pilot holes on the perimeter, meaning they can be installed and ready for waterproofing in just one hour!

They’re cheaper to fit too as they don’t need a lot of structural work compared to foam bases, TrueDEK can be installed for less than $50.

No tile size restriction

TrueDEK bases have NO tile size restriction, giving your customer complete freedom with decoration and finish.

Many sizes available

There are over 25 curbless TrueDEK bases to choose from, available in multiple sizes across several ranges.

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